newbie here kind of...

I just wanted to say Hi,

My name is Pete, and I have been a member for a while but mostly just to sell my old car, but yesterday I happen to be looking in the forum and these is allot of GREAT 94 and 95 mustang on here so I figured I would started posting I have a question but I will put that in the tech area.

I have an all motor 347 in a 80 mustang that is pretty strictly a drag car, I have run as quick as 11.008 at 127 with piss poor 60fters (the carb and the wiring have been fighting me) this year now that I haven't the bugs out it should run in the mid 10's I hope....

A couple of years ago I bought my wife a stock yellow 95 GT with about 80K on the clock. The SN95's are IMO the best body style. Slowly I have been working on it.
With a new paint job,
Set of american racing rebels 18x10 in back and 18x8 up front.
Air intake
Mass air
equal length shorties
O/R h-pipe
Bassani Catback
Shorty shifter
NOS dry shot
Ford racing springs

So anyways just saying HI

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Thanks everybody, I will take some pic's of the 95 this weekend when I pull it out of the garage for spring.

I have some pic's of the 80 but they are all too big, I tried compressing them and it didn't work, can anybody help?

Thanks again for the welcome!

that car is a beast.

now i was going to bug for a video but i figured one thing at a time right? :D
let's see that '95 too!

welcome to the board, glad to hear you decided to jump in on the fun.
we always look forward to someone nice to post with.

Thanks 95Vert for posting the pics!

The car has a 5 inch cowl hood (black) the hood is a little beatup but it is almost better that, if the hood was real nice it would just get scratched up from me laying it on the ground.

Well last night we took the 95 out for the first time this year, we got a sitter for the kids so we could go check out a movie (slither) which reminded me of the critters but funnier, but not worth seeing at the theaters.

On the way home we got caught in the rain so now the car is pretty dirty, but I did take it to work with be, so I will take some pic's and lunch and post them. I am almost embarrassed to post pic's of the car while its dirty:D

Thanks again for the warm welcome,