o/s for program


Sep 29, 2009
im going to be purchasing the rt version and i was wondering if i could use vista since thats on my wifes laptop or do i need something a little older? i looked at the website and it only said 98, xp pro, 2000 and nothing about vista. just didnt know if that hasnt been updated for new o/s. thanks

:edit: i found some old threads, forgot this site actually uses its search feature lol
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The tweecer interface is a usb flavor

Win98 did not offer usb support :notnice:

Win98 SE did offer usb :nice:

Just wanted to make that a bit more clear :)

btw ... My old tuning laptop runs 98 se with no issues

I have 32 bit Vista and it works fine but you have to turn off the User Account Control or run Calcon/Caledit as an Administrator. If I don't do that then I get error messages and it won't work.

As a side note, as I am typing this there is an ad in the sidebar for Chevy Camaro. WTF?
don't know about Vista but mine is not liking Windows 7 at all. has been driving me nuts trying to figure it out. I think I'm going to pick up an older laptop w/windows 2000 off of flebay & dedicate it to the stang.