Picking up 04 Comp Orange Cobra this week, need advice....


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Sep 21, 2001
Brown Deer, WI
well this week I'm gonna be picking my new 04 cobra(hopefully comp orange) there are only 2 in wisconsin to my knowledge and they're both about 25 miles away. the best price I have gotten is 34k, the x-plan price is about 33,575.00, and I am getting the X-plan. now if you don't mind me asking ,what did some of you 04 owners pay for your car? plan or no plan.
I am thinking they could go lower then 34k with now plan :shrug: just wanna get some last minute tips, thanks!
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I would have been thrilled to pay 34K for my 03. My "local" SVT dealer (about 30 miles away from me and the next one after that was a 3 hour drive) said that the X plan wasn't offered on the Cobra's, so I called Ford and they said that it is up to the dealer whether or not they want to honor the X plan. My dealer also wouldn't budge on the price... it was sticker or no car, no questions, no bickering. Believe me, I tried like he11. I am the world's best bargainer (sp?) and I couldn't get them to budge off of the $38,995 sticker price.

It is still worth it though :D
I paid 34,600 two weeks ago for mine. I probably don't have to tell you this but if your are going to mod it don't let them talk you into an extended warranty. Edmunds.com listed the average selling price in my area as 34,800.

Check to see if the back bumper is warped and get them to knock off some extra for that.
spoke with a sales rep. in Detroit area as I'm getting very close
to purchasing a 2004 Cobra myself. He said X-plan is a few
hundred over invoice: $32093(inv.) + $300 + $625(chromes)
+ $625(destination) - $1000(rebate) - $1000(Ford cust.
cash incentive) = $31,643 for coupe!!

Seems it would be worth to fly here, buy it, and drive it home.
Yeah it would be a lot of miles but man that would be a great drive.