Pics before heading to the track!

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this is off topic but hey man Jet performance chips are awful My buddy owns a shop and said they put a 96 gt on the dyno stock and then with a jet chip and it actually lost horse power!!!! this also happend when the Jet chips were put in other cars, such as an explorer!
Nice color...


I understand the Cobra front end, but the badge will be dissed by some...
Without the 32V Romeo engine, people might think that your "Cobra" has some power issues...

Are the rear wheels steel, or aluminum? :shrug:


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Im in the Houston area. And for the Cobra emblems... I knew there would be some people who disagree with them... but I do plan on swapping motors with a Cobra in the near future. Plus I heard the emblems add 5 Horsepower!:) I also plan on installing a reverse cowl hood too and getting rid of that GT hood.
Just because you have a COBRA bumper doesnt make your car a COBRA, I bet you got SVT emblems in the trunk also, correct?
Nice looking car but you shouldnt rice it out like that