Polished my first 5.0 item for my car!!! Pics!!!


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Aug 3, 2004
atl ga
Sorry for the phone quality, I guess it could be worst, but I have been working on cleaning up my newly acquired parts, all to match the polished TB I was given lol. I polished the explorer upper intake plaque, and I am going to paint the upper intake manifold a semi gloss black, similar to the trickflow R upper color. I think it will provide for nice contrast with a few polished peices!

Ok so I started with an old POS explorer plaque, I hit it with 150 grit first to get down and dirty and remove all of the ugly horizontal scratches they come factory with, then hit it with some 400 to clean it up a bit, then a wetsand 600. Tomorrow I will polish it with some white rouge on a ventilated flapping disk for the extra shine, but it is looking purty I must say.




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Looks good:nice: I started the same way!

Just a suggestion and nothing more, but I wouldn't use a ventilated flap with the White Rouge. The ventilated flap will still leave scratches even if you're using the White Rouge and the White Rouge doesn't have enough cutting action to remove any scratches without spending a lot of time trying to remove the scratches.
You could use Tripoli and a Ventilated flap to help remove more of the scratches if that's what you're trying to do? Then use a Spiral Sewn, Loose Section or Canton flannel to remove any fine scratches left by the Tripoli and Ventilated flap.
As I said it's just a suggestion and nothing else.
ahh crap, well oreilly usually has everything let me give them a call.if not, its 50resto I go and have to wait till next week!! Man its beeautiful out and I know that it is warm enough for this thing to start! 68* and sunny!!!
I have absolutely ZERO idea about what the HELL almost stock is trying to say :nonono: :shrug:

Oh well, I prefer grease over chrome, polish, etc :flag: Muscle was meant to be dirty. :nice:

After reading you’d prefer having something greasy as to something polished or chromed I can clearly understand why you had absolutely ZERO idea about what the HELL I was talking about in my statement above.

But your statement of Muscle was meant to be dirty !!!!
I‘d think you have a hard time convincing people like; John Force, Gary Scelzi, Tony Pedregon, Cruz Pedregon,
Frank Pedregon, Scott Kalitta,, Bob Bode, Bob Gilbertson, David Benjamin, David Benjamin
Tony Bartone, Ron Capps………. just to name a few, that that's the way to go!

I know there PR people would love to know how that would sell more tickets at the gate for them.
K now I am pulling my stock computer to replace the eec relay. how the **** do I get this thing out??!?!??!?! I have the harness of and its sliding around all right but its like i have to take off the dash!!!

I haven't done the polishing finishing yet, as I just got back from work and haven't picked up some tripoli.