Potential New Foxbody parts

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Apr 14, 2003
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While sitting here in this week's rain, I had a couple of thoughts about some of the threads I've been reading. There's a lot of excellent info here on Stangnet and lots of various problems that we all have from time to time with our cars. This got me thinking about our cars and the fact that they are now worth putting more money in. One of the issues I see most often is the replacement parts being cheap and not lasting long. So if a person wanted to make some high-quality replacement parts what would they be? My thoughts are based on the things I've bought and had problems with so here goes.

I'd like to have a set of headlights that last longer than a year and a half before turning yellow. Yep, that's right AFTER the one year warranty expires. I'd also like them to be leak free. I don't even attempt to put them in without sealing every surface with silicone. I leave the vent hole in the bottom but everything else gets a layer of sealant. Sad to have to do that but they will leak if you don't. I've discussed this with a person I know at one of the large supply companies and they tell me there is no high-quality option. We need one!

Next up would be door lock actuators. I get about a year, maybe two out of them and that's it. Tired of pulling the door apart constantly. That in itself makes other fragile parts wear out faster. I'm aware of the door lock actuator fix that jrichker wrote up and that's what I'll be doing next time. We still need good poppers!

The next product I'd like to see is one that doesn't exist. We need a kit that would allow a no fabrication and no welding method of installing S197 front seats into a Fox. A person could find a pair of seats and the only thing they would have to do is grind off the rivets that hold the S197 feet on the seat tracks. At that point, you can just gently knock the other half of the rivets out and you have new factory mounting holes for the new feet. There are two usable holes on each side of the front and rear. That's 4 in the front and 4 in the rear if that wasn't clear. So the kit would use these holes and simply bolt to the power tracks and then to the factory locations in the Fox floor pan. This kit would place the seat tracks just barely above the carpet and retain complete headroom. I'll go ahead and start the rumor now that this kit is potentially going to be available....more than likely.

One other product that I'd like to see actually did exist at one time. It was a product from gaugeplates.com that relocated the HVAC controls to the bottom and the radio to the top like it should be...lol. I hate the radio being on the bottom. I will be making one of these for myself. It's on my list as soon as I'm done with other stuff.

Y'all have any others that come to mind? I'd like to hear 'em. I have a few others floating around in my head but for now, that's enough.

Thanks for reading. (Yeah, I'm bored here in the rain!!!!!)
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Sep 29, 2016
i do wish they made that plate to swap the hvac controls also ive had no luck finding them i talked to Florida5.0 about making one about a year ago and they said maybe in the future
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Mar 2, 2015
It would be nice if someone made the trunk side pieces for coupes and convertibles. Aftermarket cowl panels...and longer replacement floor the go all the way to the toe board. A trunk strut kit would be nice too.
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