put high flow-cats on today.

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I have 40 series flows, and the catco 2.5" pipe with 2 cats and that pipe woke it up over the factory cats... I would voote 40 series flows but with 2.5" pipes.. the jack monkey that owned my car before me had these elded into the factory 2.25" pipes instead of giving the car a tune-up.. what a bone head...

juiced_94gt said:
i had a muffler shop weld in some magnaflow cats on my existing mac x-pipe and the car sounds a bit quiet now, is there any mufflers you recoment with cats that will sound "balsier"? nothing way to loud just a little meaner with cats.

This is good news to me because I'm looking to quiet my setup down a tad. Right now I'm running Mac Jethot coated longtubes, off road H and american thunder flows. I thought this setup was perfect for a DD until I put al heads/ cam in. It got A LOT louder and now it's hard to get "challengers to step up". I drive this car everyday so it's beginning to bother me. Magnaflow sells two different size cats. Which did you get? What did they charge to weld them in?