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Jan 31, 2002
Assonet, MA
Hey guys. I need a quick bit of help. I am currently running 17x9 ROH Snypers on my car with 245/45/17 tires on them. My tires are pretty dead, and the rims have seen better days, so rather than buy new tires for around 800.00, I'm set up to score a brand new set of rims from a local ford dealership. I'm getting 18x8.5 2006 GT optional Bullit style wheels with 235/50/18 Pirelli tires mounted and balanced for 750.00. Right now, my current wheels clear the fenders with little room to spare, and with the occasional rub in the back on a big bump. I just wanted to know what the relative size difference will be between the two wheel/tire setups. I know the new ones will be slightly narrower, but height wise, will they be the same? If anyone is good at figuring this crap out, I'd appreciate it.
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with the 50 ratio, the total tire and wheel height increases by 1.5". That's .75" further from the hub on one side. I can afford to fit that. I'm also loosing .3" of footprint. That's gonna help too. It's really a negligable difference, since height gains can be split in half for fender clearance.
these are the actual rims...


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