Raxiom Gen5 Tail Lights

I recently purchased the Raxiom Gen5 Tail Lights and I installed them yesterday. I know this is just a plug and play deal so I was confused what happened next. I tested the lights and they work a bit off. When I hit the turn signal left or right, both halo LED's light as well as which side sequential was hit. So if I hit the left turn signal the left halo and right halo would blink and the left middle lights would sequence. The right side would be the same thing just right middle lights would sequence. I have no idea why this happens. When the hazards are on, All the lights blink. The halos and middle lights. When the park lights are on though, everything works normal. I then turned off the car and when away for a few minutes. I returned and checked the lights again and they magically worked as they should. I was shocked to what had changed but thought maybe it just worked itself out. I woke this morning and started the car up and checked the lights again, but they were back to the crazy blinking. I am going crazy at this point. I have led bulbs on my turn signals in front but never had a problem with them affecting my tails, do you guys think maybe that's the problem? I had LED taillights before and it never affected them. I don't know how a plug and play thing would act so strange. I also had the first set sent back and got a second set and same thing. I hope you guys can help.
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I went and checked all the wires and plugs today and they were fine. I then went and looked at my LED bulbs in the front, i found it. I have changed all my park and turn to LED's and I guess that was it. I changed back my side park light to the factory bulbs and the taillights work fine.
how are you guys finding the seal on them? I heard a lot of people complaining its not a great seal and water gets in the trunk - they look cool but im a bit hesistant to get them, besides i love the look of my retro tails that have sequential installed.
The wire harness-grommet is what stops water from getting in the trunk. Mine fits snug and tight.
During the install I did a gentle spray of WD-40 on the grommet and pushed it in until it formed a good seal.

The weather seal around the sides of the light isn't as robust as the OEM, but once the lights are installed and tightened they're snug and the seal seams tight. A lot of people have these lights, I'm sure someone would have left a review on AM site, but I haven't seen any negative reviews.

My car has been in the garage since November and probably won't come out until late April/Early May once the roads clear up. I don't take it out in the rain either... (mainly because I'm lazy and don't want have to re-wash and wax).