Sanded right through the metal


Feb 18, 2020
My dad had two cars done by Maaco for like $350 back in the day. Did they paint the jambs, no, did they sand it, no. Did the car end up looking absolutely fine afterwards, yes. I remember they used a one step epoxy paint or something that didn't shine as much, but the car still looked fine.

Yeah I had a Trans AM that needed painted in the late 90s, went to maaco and ironically had a firebird there they just did. Honestly from across the lot it looked ok, but up close it looked like 350 bucks. Ended up at a place that painted big trucks, they did a pretty good job for 2500 bucks.

Maaco does have upgraded packages where they will repair and sand etc and it looks like they charge around 1000-2000 for it and looking at some before and after pics, it wast bad at all. Thing is with painting cars it isnt that hard, prep can be. Unless you have tons of body work or looking for show car quality, the cost to do them is to much if you ask me.
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