Scarlet Rose Fckery.......

Is driving with your heel off the floor normal ? Driving with just your tip toes ?

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I know you recently did your hatch hinges. Is that a one at a time, while the hatch is on the car, or does the hatch need to come completely off?
Just bought a repalcement pair for mine, and need to figure out what help I need to line up!

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You have to take the inner roof trim panel off and the lift support struts need to be disconnected at the hatch. The hatch is really heavy so it definitely helps to have another person there. The hinges themselves can be done one at a time. Keep in mind that the hatch will want to drop and twist. A towel is good to have between the top edge of the hatch and the roof to keep from damaging anything.

She hasn't done it yet. We are actually starting the process as I text.

My back is locked up from holding the hatch up for her. The hardest part was we had to do it twice. I forgot to tell her to look for shims below the hinges.

Her hatch striker was missing the bushing so it rattled a lot. I took it upon myself to take it loose, beat it out of the big washer, install a bushing, beat the striker back through, and retapped the threads. I should've let her do it but I was in " getter done " mode. The Lady was a little done with me at that point.
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This is all we get this weekend. She's letting Scarlet run with her matching mug in her hand. Smh. This is what winter looks like around here.

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Welp!!! After the craziest last few months... we showed Scarletrose some love :rock: ! Took her out on the main highway... such a nice ride!
I can now read my temperature... and we found a vacuum hose leak :chin ... so now to fix that!!!
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