serious questions...


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
ok i need to know...

what are usual prices to get my stock e7s ported??
what are Thumpers?
and how ratios on rocker arms affect how they work. (ex. what does 1.6 have over a 1.7? vice versa)
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the 1.6 and 1.7 numbers on the rockers are the ratios of their lift.
so a 1.6 means it pushes the valve 1.6 times as far as the pushrod pushes the rocker itself.
So 1.6 is actually 1.6:1
and 1.7 is 1.7:1
i think.... :D
serious answers....

I had thumper's E7's with upgraded valve springs for two years. Had no problems with them. They really woke my car up, and I am sort of regreting selling them to be honest. I had them on a bad motor and ran 8.4 at 85mph in the 1/8th at a rough track, launching from 1500rpm on 17" wheels with nitto's. That's aproximatly really high 12's to a really low 13 in the 1/4th, but never ran the 1/4 so can't tell you. I have all the confidence in the world of Mike (thumper460) and would recomend him to anyone. I'll probally send him my TFS heads to do them when I can. Thumper heads are a great especailly for someone starting out. They will open up the motor enough for a wicked street combo with fun at the track but not so much that you loose bottom end. Get Thumper's, a TMOSS ported lower intake, 65mm TB, 73mm MAF, and an O/R H pipe with catback, 3.73-4.10 gear, drag radials and you'll have a new animal. The motor will have similar power under 3Krpm, mabe a little more but after 3000 it will have that DOHC effect. I could be wrong, but that was my experience.

People are going to say to just go with aftermarket aluminums, but that is expensive and has a few other drawbacks. Some are going to tell you to get GT40's, which won't make the same power, will still cost, are still far from the aftermarkts. Also, powerheads.... might as well get some aftermarkets. Some will say, just port them yourself, which is the cheapest way but that's a lot of work, and there is more to porting than just grinding the ports to make them larger.
his heads are badA$$, if i had the money i would get them no doubt, there are some dudes running amazing times for stock heads with stock valve size no doubt, there is a giy here pushing over 260 to the wheels THROUGH AND AOD!! with his heads, do a search and you'll see, i have NEVER heard any bad comments either, i really doubt you'll be disappointed.