Should I get larger and/or wider wheels and tires for track and time trials


New Member
Feb 4, 2019
I just picked up a 2007 GT convertible with some cosmetic rear end damage that I saw at auction. I was looking for a coupe to use as a dedicated track car, but this price was so good that I got a convertible. In any case, I am planning on racing it in some time trials and a hill climb and would like some advice on wheels and tires. It has 17 inch wheels with all weather tires (235/something/17). I want to buy some tires that are better for the track but still can be driven on the road . I think summer performance tires. This hill climb requires 200 tw or higher). Should I get a bigger and wider wheel so I can put on wider tires (maybe a 275)? I have not tinkered with the suspension, but may lower it an inch next year.
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