Speedometer gear


New Member
Aug 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NY
I had a speedometer correction gear in my AOD for my 4.10's but it fell off somehow while driving it this morning.
It was clipped on too.

I want to get another one ASAP but cant find one locally. I tried Advance and the Ford dealers but they dont sell them. Theres no more performance shops around here.

I remember reading somewhere that the white 23 tooth recalibration gear was actually a part made for a Jeep.
If thats true can somebody possibly tell me what year and model Jeep it was and what other info I need to know so I could try to get it from a Jeep dealer?
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Jeep Part #j3167393
4.10 Gear Ratio / White 23 Speedo Gear
thats what you need sir.
oh wait yours is a 92 auto so that gear will work but it will not be 100% accurate since you have a 8 tooth drive gear and not a 7 tooth drive gear.