still undecided need more help


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Jan 10, 2004
I was going to buy the kenne bell set up with 9psi.To many threads frightend me with blowing my motor which i cannot afford to do.I am not a track racer.and its a weekend car with an occasional street race.Do you think 6 psi would be alot safer?That should bring me to 350hp right.Just want to put those wrx's and srt's in the rear view.Thanks
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I would go with the 9psi kit, but I would definately check your AF as soon the install is done. Detonation is what kills your motor, not the boost. Remember that GT's do NOT have knock sensors.
With the 6 psi kit do i still need the intercooler?I know k/b is the better kit but how about saleens kit.After a tune how often do you have to get it retuned.Is a roots blower safer than a paxton type blower,after the tune.sorry for all the questions but im sitting on $6000 and just want to make the right choice.
Those are good questions. You should ask them. No. You don't need an intercooler. Call Tim at the site I showed you. He's very helpful and knows alot more than I do. He'll answer your questions and help you make the right choice for you.