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Aug 25, 2003
my 93 lx hatch has 95k miles on it and when i bought it last fall it had (still does) multiple little metal "helpers" in between the coils of the rear springs because the rear end was sagging (settling springs possibly) could it be that just the rear spring insulators (isolators i forget what their called...) are toast that would cause a very noticable rear end sag?

My other question is if i should get new springs what should i get? The car has just the white kyb shocks i forget what struts it has i think they are slighty "sportier" then stock. The car is my daily driver and will see limited strip use and corner carving is not a big concern. So what i would like is a spring recomendation for something that will help at the strip or at least not hurt times while being fine for daily street driving to work with the shocks i have now. Something like the ford racing springs that lower the car less then an inch would be fine with me if they work with my shocks/struts, dont hurt drag times, and dont need camber plates. What are drag springs like in street driving/turning etc?

I am also looking to get lower and upper control arms but am on a tight budget (college student). Are there any cheap control arms that are worth having on my daily driven 5.0? I heard bad things about the solid bushings in blue oval industries and mac control arms....someone point me in the right direction please
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Apr 6, 2004
the "ass drag" look is a common thing in these fox bodys, its basicly for weight distrobution, from a lack of weight on the rear axle when the car where made......h&r are good springs and eichac(cant spell) the springs from les swchab......most lowering kits u can get for the fox it 2in drop in the front and 1 1/2 or 1 3/4, in the rear to eliminate teh "ass drag" effect.......for control arms get what u want but its hard to find a good pair for under $200(from my research) now if ur lowering ur car u dont need caster plates but id recommend it. well anything else just ask.

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Sep 30, 2000
If you are just looking for a basic kit I would go with Eibach. They offer a matched spring, strut, & shock combo. And you can opt for matching sway bars if your wallet desires. I believe that Edlebrock also offers a similar combo. My car has allot more miles than yours and still rides on stock suspension without any problems.



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Jan 15, 2002
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As far as struts and shocks, if they are newer and "If it ain't broke don't fix it. "

The springs have to go if they are sagging or requiring helpers. As far as controll arms on a budget, just replacing the bushings with either new or poly units would probally make a big difference.

PST sells bushing kits like this

MAC sells a upper and lower combo for about $200 and BBK also sells a combo like this for a little more. I just did my UCA and LCA's recently. All the bushings were worn out but the uppers were actually split, it used to clunk around and the car felt unstable. Now it feels great.


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Mar 25, 2004
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The control arms from Mac aren't bad, and neither are the ones off Ebay. I've had both, and they are both fine. If you want to get rid of the butt drag, I recommend the motorsports springs. I have them on my car now (cuz of a need for tire clearance), and the car rides low in the front, and not quite as low in the back. And they only cost about $130, which is about the cheapest you'll find new.


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Mar 18, 2003
You shouldnt need caster chamber plates. I'd say if you drop it 2 inchs you will need them. I've still yet to buy them and so far so good as least with tire ware.