To everyone who wants.....

Ok, so whoever wants a simulated dyno run, i got the program dynosim. Ill gladly do it for you. but you will have to supply me the basics. and specs of your heads. and if you want extreme accuracy, i need detail. and i can also simulate a drag race to see your times. i can setup shift times, redline, what tranny you have, temp. outside, tires, etc.
just let me know. look at the pics i got of it. and DragSim/

I love the program. ITS AMAIZING!!! if by any chance you want it, ask away and give me your IM and i'll send it thru there.
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whatd that cost?

i umm...well....lets just say i didnt pay for it. and i love the world of file sharing. lol. but yeah, to be honest, its extremely accurate. i put my cars stock specs and an ok shift time and typical weather etc. basically everything normal. and i got a 1/4 mile time of 14.5 and 0-60 in like 6.45. and hp was low 200. it was almost 220. and i saw the C&D article on my stang and it
was pretty damn close.
I can almost assure you it wont match up... We have had a few of those things over the years, my brother and dad had them, and they always tell us our cars are slower than they should be.

Let me know exactly what you need to punch in and I will get it for my 89 and my brothers 86. Both simple combos...

Put the program to the test to see if it is accurate.
can you dyno this set up for me please:

347 CID

trickflow TW heads with 170cc intake runner size and 66cc on the exhaust
with a 61cc combustion chamber

274hr com cam 224 intake duration/232 exhaust .555 lift on the intake .565 on the exhaust

holley systemax II intake

30lb injectors

1 3/4 LT headers

2 1/2 inch exhaust

let me know if you need any more info

awesome, ok this is the list i need.

-heads (will need airflow specs unless edelbrock heads 6007, 6025, 6037, 7716, 7728 or AFR 185's).
-Info needed for airflow

-compression ratio
-induction flow (cfm)
-manifold type (single plane high flow/strd flow, dual plane high flow/strd flow/high torque flow, tunnel ram strd design, tunnel ram custom, I.R., tuned port injection, sequencial-fire injection, or forced induction.)
-if its a blower, i'll need the brand and model of it.
-exhaust setup
-cam specs

Thats for the engine itself. now for racing specs

-vehicle weight
-auto or manual
-weight on driving wheels (%)
-frontal area (sqft)
-Aero Drag Coefficient
-transmission type
-torque converter multiplier, speed, and slippage (only if auto DUH)
-rear drive ratio
-numbers of gears
gear ratios
-type of tires
-static tire diameter and width
-traction coef
-tire growth factor
-redline RPM
-Shift time
-Rpm at launch
-rpm shifting from 1>2 and through the rest of the gears.
-weather (Temp., humidity, wind speed, equivalent elevation.

quite a few things you need to get lol. good luck
what i did was go to then look for dynosim. there will be a download for dynosim2003. download that. it will be like a few KB. open that file with limewire and itll start downloading it. I have a mac, and i downloaded a program called crossover. Basically lets you run actual windows programs on mac.