Turbo 2.8


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Aug 11, 2013
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Hi guys,

I'm getting ready to put on the welding goggles and start fabricating a turbo setup for my '78 2.8L v6. Welding is pretty much the only way for a guy to get some rays here in Ohio between October and May so at least I've got that going for me. :(

I've seen only a very few turbo Capri's and came across a single prototype turbo II v6 online so I figured this would be somewhat rare and an interesting project. I'm hoping for something around 200hp on some fairly gentle boost -- nothing too crazy but with the lightweight 2.8L I think it would really help the old girl get moving without blowing things up.

So I've sized the single turbo properly and have a basic plan of attack (manifolds are switching sides, exhaust out the front into a crossover pipe, turbo sitting near where the air pump used to live and exhaust routing out underneath the manifold into a single pipe.)

I'm a fairly decent welder and an ok fabricator so I think it'll all come together. Where I don't have a great deal of experience is forced induction on a carb setup (my '95 is a turbo 5.0 but of course that's EFI). I've got the carb-hat ready to go and will be doing blow-through. The 4-barrel Holley's going to get solid floats and a removal of the power-valve check-ball and some additional seal work (choke actuator) but otherwise thinking my boost goals won't need much more. I've researched what I could find online about building race blow-through carbs and most of their tweaks seem like overkill for mild boost.

I know it's a long-shot, but anyone have experience with a similar project that would care to share some words of wisdom or cautionary tales?
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I wish I had some experience, but I don't... Sounds like a cool plan though! You'll have to post a progress thread for everyone to see. It will definitely be different! :nice:
iirc isnt the 2.9 the same basic cologn engine as the 2.8? id look into a fuel injected intake setup from either a merkur scorpio ( as it has a very low intake manifold) or a ranger intake setup and go fuel injected..... much more reliable
Thanks for your reply. I 'think' they're very close but I've read that the intake won't swap between them, almost nothing will, I don't know how true that is or isn't. And if I were to get that on there, is it tuneable? I actually saw on the Ranger site that they encourage folks to swap in our Durasparks for reliability. :) Maybe some TBI setup is in my future, but that violates my 'really cheap' goal.