Typhoon Intake = Edelbrock Performer RPM?


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May 19, 2004
I just bought a Typhoon Intake. Its on its way... I have read over and over again that the Typhoon and the RPM are virtually the same. I want to know if I can use the phenolic spacer kit for an Edelbrock Performer RPM with the Typhoon.

Good Article on the Typhoon:

1989 Grand Marquis 302 Block

Bored .030 over

Sterling Hypereutectic Pistons

1969 351W Heads (30 hours of hand porting)

60cc combustion chambers machined to 50cc

~10.5:1 Compression Ratio

Ford Racing F-303 Cam

Sealed Power Hardened Pushrods

Sealed Power Valve Springs

TRW Guideplates

Clevite Studs (For Roller Rockers)

Cloyes Double-Roller Timing Chain

Harland Sharp 1.6 Ratio Roller Rockers

A9L Mass Air Computer

70MM Cobra MAF

Chromed Cold Air Intake Kit

24lb/hr Fuel Injectors

3.55 Posi Rearend

Mac Equal-Length Shorties

Mac Off-Road H-Pipe with Flowmasters

3" Cowl Hood
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Fidanza Man!
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Jan 14, 2001
New York
Its a chineese version of the RPM intake. The RPM is proudly made in america, please do not buy that copy cat intake and put hard working americans out of work.
Jun 17, 2004
mesa, az
i just read a magazine article on that manifold and they said an edelbrock upper will bolt to the lower, so it is basically the same.
i am trying to figure out how they are making that manifold legally, as in i'd assume edlelbrock has a patent on it.......unless they pay edlebrock royalaty but then i still would'nt see how they could still sell it so cheap.........i'd think edelbrock would be having a major cow over that so they must be involved somehow.


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Nov 11, 2002
New England
It is the same, and yes it will work. Unless you got a good casting though, you may have to hog it out a bit to make it worthwhile- the upper to lower ports aren't very well matched and adding another peice will only make it worse. Easily done with a dremel. Also, how tall is your cowl hood inside? That's a huge intake, and you may have clearance issues with a spacer. I had to send my spacer back because I didn't have room to use it.