upgrade coil or upgrade coil and ignition box?


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May 23, 2003
Macomb, IL
I have a MSD digital 6+ box and a tfi blaster coil. Danny at AFM said i should probably upgrade to a digital 7+ box on my twin turbo 427 setup. Makes 15psi right now and I may eventually push it a little harder.

It was doing some screwy things on the high end on the dyno. Not sure if it was the tranny or the ignition or tire slip. (The transmission ate the clutches out when i put the car on the dyno. )

Anyways the msd blaster tfi coil i have on it now is more of a stock replacement upgrade coil so i thought about just saving some money and just upgrading to the $170 coil that MSD recommends. (blaster HVC-2 coil)

One of the guys at on turbomustangs told me that he uses the digital 6+ on his 383 setup with 23 psi, so thats why im thinking im ok for awhile with what i have.

Otherwise its $525 for the digital 7 and $120 for the recommended coil = 650ish and somewere around 450 after i sell my digital 6
vs. $175 for the new coil they recommend for the digital 6+.

The difference there could go towards some ET Streets or boost controller or something.
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Danny tunes my car as well, I always do what he suggests, that way theres no doubt anything will work. He has never steered me wrong and never tries to sell me the most expensive thing, he tells me what I need. Also a twin turbo 427 LOL wow......That will be a sick ride!!!