Valve Question


Yeah, it was pretty stiff, but eventually a buddy
Jul 13, 2005
Granger, IA
A friend is getting together parts to assemble a bare set of heads he has. They are stud mount gt40 aluminum heads with 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves sizes.

We are trying to find the correct length valves to buy for his heads. It seems this isn't a very common topic, or at least not an easy one to find. Could someone point us in the right direction as far as where to find the valves we need for his heads? From what I got I think he needs standard length, but I'm not sure. Any information would be great. Thanks
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They're actually a knock off set of heads that he has had thru gone through and ported for a 347 I'm not sure what brand they are. They're item # 260991200154 on ebay
I'm gonna take a wild guess and say those are Pro Comp heads.....which for lack of a better word, are "junk". Piss poor machining, casting flash all over the place, misaligned ports. If your buddy is going to cheap out, have him buy a set of used quality heads like Trick Flows, AFR's, Ford Racing Edelbrock, etc

...unless of course he was impulsive and just bought the heads already without researching them. In which case, he'd better make friends with the owner of the local machine shop.....cause I have a feeling he's going to be bringing him a lot of business.
He already bought these heads. He can't ever save money for the more expensive items. I've tried to rationalize with him about it, but it doesn't do any good. Its not like he can't get the money, more like he can't keep a hold on it and blows it. It was enough of a pain for him to just save enough for these heads apparently. I told him he'd have to have them gone through by a machine shop and he says he has a good machine guy hes known from way back, who's going to go through everything, clean them up, port em and assemble everything when he gets all the parts.

Anyways, any help on the where to find correct valves?