Why i scared people ???


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Feb 13, 2003
Portland, OR
Tonight i pulled over on local meat place where people hang out in Berlin Germany :rolleyes: , 5 min after some young kidcome to me and start asking about my car,than he told me that he got his 1st Mustang 3 days ago and i went to see his car, he said its 90 GT with 125K on body and 10K on motor, motor is rebuild with stock parts except cam, he thinks he have shortie aftermarket headers but those are stock ones, still have stock H with cats, and he have some cat-back, stock 2.73s, tall a$$ tires on stock rims ,C&L intake tube and thats it all that for $3800 so i was like , good car and i walk away,
One hour later i went home , and on way home that guy catch up with me ,roll window down and ask me for one from a roll, sure why not take chance to beat one Fox body, then i told him i will honk 3 times and race will start untill somebody hit brakes, so i hon 3 tims , guy nothing, i honk 3 times again and again stiill nothing, so i rolled window down and ask him whats up with you , he was i change mind

I tell him what i done to my Stang, than why the hell he ask me for race
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