1976 Mustang 302-No wires on my coil so which ones


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Mar 13, 2010
Sacramento, California
So I am trying to fire up a 1976 302 engine outside of the car since that's all I got, I don't have the car, never seen it. The problem is that my coil has no wires comming off of it so could someone please tell me what loose wires I need to connect to it.

I see three wires coming off of my distributor but I don't remember the colors, black, orange, purple maybe.

There is also a wire harness with two loose wires on one end and a six prong plug on the other. I recon the one from the negative will go to the distributor, what color is that one? And the positive one goes to the battery positive, or is something in between that I am missing?

Here is a basic ford breakerless ignition system diagram that I found.

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This should help you out. LINK. I've used it to install a Duraspark before.

I had to dig through the archives (a Tb external), couldn't find the original pages but found the TIF scans. What a PITA, had to rebuild the page.Sucks.

OTOH I found other scans I had forgotten about ... and a whole bunch of really hot **** I had forgotten about . :rlaugh:

PS: If you have a Duraspark II (75 on) I would suggest getting a Dodge resister block and installing it in the coils 'run' circuit.