Electrical 1989 5.0 Cranks but no start, also cannot pull codes


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May 21, 2021
Hello All,

My 1989 5.0 cranks but will not start. I have been eliminating causes and have checked/replaced a few things. Here is the list:
- replaced ignition control module
- replaced fuel filter
- replaced spark plugs
- successfully checked fuel pressure and verified fuel pump audibly is working
- successfully checked for spark
- replaced capacitors on the computer
- sprayed ether in the throttle body but still no start

My next step was to buy a code reader and check for codes (maybe should have started here).

I read through the stickied thread on how to pull codes for my car, purchased the Digital Ford Code Reader 3145, and went to work on the steps. After plugging it in, turning the key to run, turning on the code reader and hitting test, the display just reads 000.

I tried a different set of batteries for the code reader, cleaned the contacts on the connector (they were dirty but not horrible), and tried again with the same results. Next I started down the troubleshooting path based on another thread with the same problem. I disconnected the positive terminal on my battery, then with the power off measured the resistance between the computer test ground (black/white wire or pin 46) and the negative terminal of the battery. I was getting 0.2 ohms so that test appears to have passed. Also of note, with the key in run none of the dash lights do anything. The headlights work, and the dome light works, but I only get lights on the dash when I advance the key towards cranking. Not sure if this is normal or not.

I was going to continue to the next step of wiring checks with the single contact to the harness at the computer. If that checked out, I also found the "cranks but no start checklist" and was just going to start from the top on that. With that being said, does any of the above information say that I should start somewhere else?

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Well, the issue with the dash lights suggest the ignition switch, the one under the dash on the column, not the key cylinder.
But it would be wise to do the checklist starting at the beginning to make sure you don't have more than one problem
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