2011 5.0 Swap Friendly??

Hi all, haven't been on here in a while, so i hope this isn't a repost of some kind. Anyways, I'm sure more than just me have already been thinking about this!

I mean it wasn't too long ago i was on here trying to figure out how to get 400hp outta my 95 gt N/A and the conclusion was lots of motor work!

So now, the 2011 GT 5.0 w/400hp n/a .... = SWEET!:nice:

Is there any detailed info out on this motor yet, :D and would it be an easy swap when the time comes and there's some smashed 2011 gt's out there to just yank the motor and throw it in??

Just wanted to here some others opinons on this! or if ya know where to go to get some detailed info on this new 5.0 put it on here!

Thanks guys and hope you're all well
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Gonna take a lot of work to swap it at first...but it'll be just like every other ford motor. They're will be tons of swap parts made and everyone will have one. Just like the 4v 4.6.

Not sure if the "specifics" have been released yet but I do know that StangNet's newest project car is a fox with the new 5.0 in it.
Probably will be a lot easier to swap it into a 96' and up car. The new 5.0 isn't the same as the current modular, but I'm sure it's a lot closer than the pushrod engine. I imagine it won't be too hard either way.

Since when does cost effectiveness come into it? A SN95 with the 5.0 Coyote engine would be majorly cool! :nice:

lol, since cost effectiveness isnt a factor....wanna give Summit a call for me and have a few things shipped? :D

A lot of stuff would be cool. This being one of them. But also, so would an 03/04 cobra motor stroked to a 5.0.....and would make a lot more HP.

HOPEFULLY the swap will be to the 4.6 guys, what the 5.0 explorer motor is to us.
of course, one would need to swap out the computer as well, what with having to control the cam timing and stuff

I will definately be following the first guy who decides to take that project on.

i'm not convinced though that it would end up being faster than if one just bolted on a big old KB or turbo or dropped in a 408 stroker ...

but it's not all about the speed or the power, it is the cool factor of the thing
I have thought about this too and the cam timing stuff that Chris mentioned will make this a difficult swap IMO. It shares virtually nothing in common with the current modular engines so it will take some time for the aftermarket to catch up. I think this is a swap that won't be viable for several years down road as I think it'll take at least that long for all of the necessary parts to make it work to be available. It'll be cool once you can though!!!

i will add that I doubt it's going to be a very mod friendly in terms of getting much more out of it. With the compression as high as it and the fact that it doesn't have direct injection to cool the charge I think power adders are out of the question without a piston swap. And getting 400HP out of a 5.0L makes for one already efficient engine and one that more than likely doesn't have a lot of bottle necks left making for easy power gains when they are removed as is the case with the pushrod 5.0L. I could be wrong though...
Ford says it's a totally new engine, but I'm skeptical. With their entire other engine lineup being modular based, I'm willing to bet this new engine is more modular compatible than you might think. All the internal components might be different, but the important factors for doing an engine swap, like sensors, AC hook ups, motor mount location and so forth is going to be the same as a modular. Keep in mind, this is still a small bore motor. Based on that, I'm in agreement with KillerCanary; Ford has made 400hp, by pulling all the bottle necks. There probably isn't too much more to be had out of that engine.

Sending in my subscription to them tomorrow since I dropped Modified Mustangs that mag blows now :notnice: Still have 5.0 of course.

I have like 3 years left on MM&FF. My mom is a terrible gift shopper, and she lives in Stavanger, so shipping things isn't so easy. Every year I send her the renewal card out of the magazine, and she renews for another 2 years, so my subscription just keeps buidling up. She won't buy my car parts, and all she does is bitch about not having grand children, so I guess the subscription is as good as it's going to get.

I read through the MM&FF article on the crapper yesterday. Found another complication to the swap. The new Mustang is going to have electric power steering. So, if you want the new 5.0, you're either going to have to figure out how to mount a hydraulic power steering pump, or go with manual steering, or make your own electric power steering rack for your Mustang.