40th Anniv 40th Crimson at Woodward!!! (Dream Cruise)


Feb 2, 2007
For the first time ever, I had my Crimson GT Conv. at a car show/cruise with another Crimson GT Conv. Not only that, but he passed us and we cruised together for about six miles. Today was the Woodward Avenue "pre-cruise" (a great reason why I wasn't at work...). Tomorrow (8/20/11) is the official cruise, the biggest car event in the world.

He passed us and I immediately downshifted and rolled up behind with two flashes of the brights.

He smoked a '69 Roadrunner from a light in an awesome drag race. Left about 20 feet of patches hitting second. The Roadrunner went sideways into second and bounced the right rear tire off the curb.

The Dream Cruise rocks. Did about 140 miles around the Detroit area (including an engineering meeting at Ford Dearborn Building 2 with Mustangs parked all around).
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May 4, 2012
Dream Cruise
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