5.0 mustang vs. 03 GTI

This kid from school wants to race my mustang against his GTI.

My 86 mustang GT
performance cams, llifters, long tube headers(full 21/2 exhaust MAC), shorty shifter

03 GTI
automatic, boost controller, exhaust, intake, chip

Lets see what you guys think.....

My other friend wants to race his 88 rx7 with and exhaust...idk about him
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::Jongo:: said:
i say your both losers. prolly going to be street racing=teh loss
grow up and don't join a mustang forum to ask whos gunna win!!!!

These threads come up all the time - don't attack him for making one too. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I would also say that it could go either way. You say he has an automatic? I would say shift high, and hopefully his transmission's more of a dog than an AOD :)D) and you might have a shot at winning.

Some cheap things you may want to consider before racing - underdrive pulleys, and a good junkyard electric fan. you could get anywhere from 10-20 HP from those two things and spend less than 200 bucks, 100 if you look around well.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. :nice:


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Nov 8, 2003
windsor, Canada
Really curious what a "performance cam" is with an 86 engine...piston style is not great for valve clearance...and not really sure either how a set of lifters is considered a performance enhancing modification.

OH and this is really not a tech topic.