68 Mustang


Sep 26, 2005
So I've finally started back on my 68. I sold a dirt bike I had and have some money to try and get it back on the road. I'll be doing the work myself so that will save me a bunch of money. I am. just wrapping up the cowl, then I'm moving on to re-attaching the roof skin. The roof was vinyl and got rusty underneath so bad that during a hail storm a peice of hail went through the roof. That happened in 2012 and at the time roof skins for coupes weren't available so I cut one off of a 67. I just today, traded the 17 inch 01 Mach 1 wheels to a set of Ford D2 stamped 14x7 Magnum 500 wheels. I was a little leary of running the adapters for the wheels to fit although they probably would have been fine. The guy gave me 5 wheels and $100. The wheels didn't come with center caps and quite frankly I'm not particularly crazy about the factory ones anyway. In searching the sizes, it seems that centers from newer mustangs are the same 2 1/8 size, has anyone tried those in the originals?


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Got my tires in today and went ahead and mounted them up... 235 60 14... had a little bit of rub on the upper control arm when I had it jacked up, but no rub on the ground... hope it doesn't run under cornering... love the look though...


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