Brakes Am I flaring my brakes the wrong way?


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Mar 2, 2015
This is similar to the tubing straightener I use. Using a permanent marker to make a line down the length of the line helps when making bends. Helps to see the angle. My straightener has a hole in it the a permanent marker or paint pen fits in. It's buried in the garage somewhere. It's one of those things you never need until you need it. With the soft parts store stuff I bend it by hand. The steel lines I use the boxed end of a little wrench or my tubing bender.

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Feb 10, 2021
I have flared 5/16" steel fuel lines with that kit. Had to crank down on the wrench a little more 'cause steel isn't as soft as NiCopp but the flares came out nice. Work slowly and methodically. Take your time. Have good lighting. You can also buy just the 3/16" Cal-Van flaring tool for a little cheaper than the master kit........
I bought this tool and made 1 successful flare on a 3/16 line on a test pipe using a vice and it was my first successful flare. After trying to flare on the car the clamp for the 3/16 stripped and now the tool doesn’t work. I am disappointed in its cheap metal. I didn’t tighten it any more than hand tight. I am returning it today and I need to find a new tool. I really like the design of this tool but it just doesn’t work. Thank you for the suggestion though. Any other double flaring took suggestions anyone?