Anybody running 255/60/15s on a 65/66?

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I've got that size in a differrent tire on my 68. I had rubbing issues until I rolled the fender lips. Now it only rubs if I go over one heck of a bump. Also, the backspacing will help you determine fitment. Mine is 3.75 inches. 4.5 would be perfect. Another thing to consider is that your speedometer will be off.
I just recently got 5 leaf mid-eyes that are supposed to drop the rear 1 in. My thoughts are it will stay the same height and slightly stiffen it because the old springs are probably sagging.

as it is now


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steel1212 said:
But you have more room in your 68 than I do on my 65.

the axle widths are different, but the space in the wheel well should be the same

backspacing is the most important factor - it is a pretty tall tire compared to stock, but if it is tucked in under the fender lip, you should be alright.