Board members in the south TX area


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Nov 25, 2006
Spring/Houston, TX
I am in Houston well Spring to be exact. Spring is about 20 miles north of Houston, i'm real close to the woodlands. Anyway Ive wondered for a long time who is my part of the country. I would love to meet some other mustang owners out there!

Please reply if your in this area.

C King
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Also from South of Houston (Brazoria Cty speedfreak?), Schooling it up in Dallas though.

For more local guys hit up Not that big of a board but virtually everyone is from Houston.

King, how'd you like Houston Performance? I've heard alot of good and some bad too, just curious.
I am also a resident in the area ;) I actually lived in Spring at one time though am now in the Dayton area if you know where it is.

As for local sites, westsidemustangs and htownracing are pretty good. has pretty much came to an end though still have a good classified section. I also spend some time on Houston-Imports and am actually attending a meet in the Humble area tonight.
Ive been to houston performance several times over the six years I ve owned the stang and everytime had good (*knock on wood*) experiences. I think Steve is very knowledgable and a straight shooter. They can get real busy though is the only thing. He has had some great ford mechanics working for him iin the past, I dont really know the background of the guys he has now, but their easy to talk to and will spend the time with you to help you understand something or to answer questions.

What negative experiences have you heard?