Car is running again, so I went and took a few pics


The car that set the bar.
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Nov 29, 1999
Altoona, PA
I finished up the fox TB conversion yesterday and wanted to take the car for a ride to see if I forgot to hook up anything. LOL! I had the hard top on as I stored it on the car for the winter and I couldn't take it off by myself thus the reason it is on in the pics. I also recently got a Rebel Xti digital SLR camera and these are the first shots of the car I've taken. I need more practice with it but I'm happy since I'm such a newb with it.






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Thanks guys! As much as I'd like a more "custom" look for the car with a 2 tone paint job, I think I'm going to stay all yellow with the top when I get it painted. i think it will look weird with the top down and the window pillar painted black.

The car feels snappy as hell, but I haven't made a WOT run in yet as I still have last years gas in it and I want to run it out before I beat on it. The throttle response as has been mentioned is dramatically more noticeable.
since your repainting it anyway...why not scuff up the pillars and see what it looks like in black :shrug:. If your going to get it painted and you dont like it...who cares it will get changed. But if there is any chance you might like it now is the time to test things out. Its not like its a large area...hell get some of that cheap graphix duplicolor washable paint to test it out.