changeing motor


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Mar 7, 2006
well, i found a 98 gt for cheap, motors bad, thinking of picking it up, buying a crate motor from a 99-04 to drop in it

i'm pretty sure i'll need the ecu/harness from a 99-04, anything else?

don't want to buy/not buy anything i need when im putting it in :SNSign:
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he said the rings were bad, its got quite a few miles on it, and ive seen him around town beating the piss out of it
all i know for sure is it smokes, its cheap and i want it :D
I would spend the extra 600-800 and get a forged built shortblock.... in the end if you decide to go for big power youll be glad you did. you shouldnt need a new ECU.. guys put the PI heads on those cars all the time.
There are about half a dozen reputable companies that can supply you with one, with different prices and different stages of build. Just check out the last issue of MM&FF Ford. They've got most of them listed. :)