The heads I purchased are not drilled for any smog equipment they are dart 195 aluminium heads. The heads are going to be bolted onto a 347 strocker which is not 50 state. Will ditching the smog crap ie smog o matic pump, egr, and the tubing interfere with computer controller? I run a cat less pro chamber already I know the egr is on the tb but what good is it without the smog pump? I am getting into what I consider the next level of performance.
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I yanked all my smog also, it wouldn't pass w/it on so off it went. Zero comp. issues. Although i cant remove my char. canister. If i even unplug one of the two hoses i get ALOT of gas smell inside my car and it runs like, well lets just say a YUGO could keep up.
if you remove the EGR, i think you can risk detonation if you dont let the puter know about it. when EGR gasses are introduced, they cool the chambers. also, since the mixture is diluted and burns slower, the puter advances the timing a decent bit. that can lead to detonation if you dont have the EGR gasses being recirculated (advanced timing with no dilution and slower burn).
this is just general info - i dont know with your mods if there are provisions around that scenario.

good luck.
Charcoal canister plumbing - one 3/8" tube from the bottom of the upper manifold to the rubber hose. Rubber hose connects to one side of the canister solenoid valve. Other side of the solenoid valve connects to one side of the canister. The other side of the canister connects to a rubber hose that connects to a line that goes all the way back to the gas tank. There is an electrical connector coming from the passenger side injector harness near #1 injector that plugs into the canister solenoid valve. It's purpose is to vent the gas tank. The solenoid valve opens at cruse to provide some extra fuel.