FRPP GT-40 Motor Question


New Member
Aug 16, 2004
Burke, Va
Ok, this guy I know has a 92 Notch with the GT-40 crate motor in it for sale. I have rough stuff on the car, but its the crate motor as it comes with a few other things. My question is, what can you tell me about that motor? Is it worth the buy ($5,000 for the Notch)? What are the motors pros and cons? I dunno much about it, so anybody who knows anything about this motor, let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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It depends on which GT40 crate motor it is. I believe there are a couple different ones with different cams and heads. If it's the aluminum headed motor, then it's a decent motor. Only thing that sucks is it comes with Hyperu****ty pistons.
I believe he said it was an e-cam too.

i'm not sure which one it is.

i figure its a good starter motor anyways. i've got plans in my head for where i wanna go in the future though..

(306, TF Street Heat Intake, AFR 165's, nitrous....)
I don't get why people think Hypereutectic pistons are junk. A friend of mine ran Hypers with a 150 nitrous shot for 5 years with no issues.

Witha proper tune they can take a lot of abuse.

Changing pistons is not much of a headache. No more so than putting new rings and bearings in. Which you would be wise to do anyway if you plan to shot it with the sauce.