Electrical Fusible link wire shorted to ground

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Nov 5, 2000
Saugus, MA
I was just finishing up a mini starter conversion and battery relocation. I got rid of the fender solenoid in favor of a distribution block and relay.

I was about to connect the battery and thought, *let me just make sure everything is good first*
Well it's not.... I have a dead short between the 2 sides
I've found the short to ground is on the yellow wire that feeds the 4 fusible links.
the distribution block is about 5 inches from where the solenoid was mounted. The wire harness was already tucked (in the fender) prior to this project, with no issues.

i have wiggle tested the harness from yellow wire to firewall, with the meter connected, and no change in the short.

What do these links feed and are there any common spot where they may short out?
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I only have 1988 handy. Should be the same

I can provide further down the line if needed but this shows what fuses to pull. Fuse link D goes directly to fuel pump relay and fuse link C goes directly to defrost relay

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Made by China, bought off Amazon.
There's a ton to pick from, but these are what I got.

Haven't gotten to looking into the short yet, crazy week at work. Planning on today after work


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