Fox Id These Connectors Please?

So, I got this 91 5.0 LX a few months ago, and it needs a little attention. One of the things I need to do is get things straight under the hood. The A/C has been removed (which I plan to restore), and the smog pump stuff is also gone. There are still 3 connectors that I cannot identify. Can you help? Thanks!




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1 may be your ground from the A/C compressor
2 looks like your test port plug
3 looks like your ECT connector

Nice electrical tape on the EGR plate. You must have a wicked vacuum leak.
You need a new neg battery cable
Your heater core is bypasses- at least cap over the metal tubes from the firewall
Remove that fuel pressure guage on the fuel rail- fire waiting to happen.
Thanks. I've traced out the A/C wiring, that's not what #1 is. #2-test port for what? The plug for the EEC-IV computer are on the rear of the strut tower, not the front. #3-is not the ECT, the ECT is next to it, with the connector on it.

Yeah the DUCT tape was a temp solution, till I could get to the store and get plugs.
I'm aware of the neg cable.
That's not the heater core-that's the evaporator core for the A/C, and I'm going to flush it and hook it back up.
I could remove the gauge, but the pipe fitting will still be on the fuel line, so what's the point. Besides, the lines will be replaced with AN fittings and braided lines when I put the 408W I'm building into it. I just want to make it right in the meantime. Thanks though.
3rd pic goes to your evaporator purge solenoid, 2nd pic i believe is the open hood light port, I've got a braided line to my exterior fuel gauge but having the gauge sitting there above your headers makes it a little nerve wrecking. If it ever gets knocked one good time or gets a leak from the actual gauge, that hot header will be waiting for it :confused:
You both have a point about that gauge. I wonder if its the bourdon tube in the gauge, or the fitting that likes to let go.

Is that the place where the schrader valve should be? I've had 2 other Foxes, but it's been a while and I don't remember. Maybe I should replace that part of the line, if I can.

Thanks for the info on that connector though. I plan on getting the A/C kit from LMR, hopefully before summer.