Just Purchased 1987 Mustang GT Convertible, Where do I Start?


Mar 13, 2012
Hey Guys, New Member here, I just purchased a 1987 Mustang GT Convertible from a guy in Rockford IL. He was the 4th owner of the vehicle. The body, Chassis, and Interior are excellent condition. There are some "Things" that need to be sorted out however. First, The Odometer no longer works, I researched some topics about this on Google and think it could be the Plastic gear, so as soon as I tow it home (Brakes are shot), I will begin to perform the surgery. The Car has been sitting covered for 7+ months. The top will need to be replaced, as will the brakes- both front & Back. I would like to give it a tune-up since it idles a little rough. What else would you guys suggest I do?

Can anyone Guide me as to what is the best way to approach the Tune up process? I found the website AmericanMuscle.com where they have a lot of parts for the Stang. I was looking at this setup to begin my Tune-Up process. and slowly work on the vehicle in my spare time.

1.) MSD TFI Performance Coil
2.) MSD Replacement Cap & Rotor
3.) Ford Performance High Performance 9mm Spark Plug Wires - BLUE
4.) NGK Iridium IX Spark Plus
5.) BBK Cold Air Intake

Can anyone Shine in and offer any suggestions on the above Parts, is there something I am missing since i'm working under the hood, should I add or change the parts above? it will cost me roughly $400+ for these parts with free shipping.

I'm also looking to update the Exhaust as the right passenger exhaust has a hole in it. I love the sound of the rumbling V8 that the Stangs produce. I wouldn't want to do straight pipes but i'm looking for a nice beefy sounding exhaust that would make me go deaf while the top is up or down. HELP!!!

I will also be updating the factory Radio Head Unit along with the Speakers. So far the Speakers, i'm leading toward the Alpine R Component 6.5" speakers all around and a Pioneer or Kenwood Head unit. I'm also toying with the idea of adding an amp to power theses beauties in the trunk. I'm Open to Suggestions. Money is not too big of a benefactor here, as long as i can get Excellent loud Clear Quality while the top is down and not hear any speakers popping or having to put a a subwoofer in the trunk.

Also Anyone know where I could have the top replaced professionally, I would like the headliner and top replaced somewhere in IL. or how hard would it be for me to remove it and do it myself, i have time, the car will be in my garage and i'm pretty handy working on things as long as i have a little guidance.

By the Way Sorry about the Long Post, I will be using this Vehicle only as a Sunny Weekend Car to cruise to the lake with the wife, i'm not looking to make this a drag racing vehicle. I would like to keep it stock (No superchargers), just want to pep it up a bit.

Thank You guys for your help, Really looking forward to posting pictures of all the work I will be doing on this Beauty!
As a long time '87 GT Convertible owner, I can provide some advise and parts. I actually own two 1987 GT convertibles now. First of all there are some parts on your car that are 1987 ONLY. The first one are the belt molding retainers. They are square and a rivet type. Do not break them, there are no replacements anywhere. 1987 does not have a check engine light. The space is there, the bulb isn't and neither is the computer functionality to turn it on.
rear brakes: I have what you need to do a 93 Cobra rear disk upgrade, using genuine parts for lower than anyone.
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