My traction sucks!!


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Sep 5, 2001
Check out my sig guys, I have a 94 model rear end with 3:27 gears, 17x8 wheels with kumho 711 tires in 245/45. My traction is horrible, on the street my car is all over the road, any suggestions??? Do not suggest drag radials, this is a daily driver car that sees alot of miles in the summer and fall.
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your problem is the kumho's. they are great as long as you arent trying to speed everywhere. I have them on my 02 and the rear end likes to come around through every corner I take, so I know what you are talking about. Invest in a better summer tire. I personally like goodyear eagles and I have heard great things about the General Exclaim UHP if you are looking for a cheaper alternative.
You need some quality tires like BFG's or Nittos..something that's suited for the weekend road racer who also drives on the street. That way it can handle some daily driving but still give great traction on the street. The downfall is they won't last long, but if you want traction you've gotta sacrifice something.
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the 555's are a great tire, but they wear quick. the goodyears from what I have seen last longer, but you pay for it. they are not cheap in any sense of the word.
Michelin Pilot Sports in that size will hook well and give you some decent wear, but they are definitely not the cheapest tire around.
Street tires...BFG KDW. They have been great on my 91 notch. They were also great on my 97 Cobra.

I know you don't want drag radials....but honestly, I got over 10,000 miles with my Nitto's....and that was with trips to the drag strip.