PLEASE HELP just installed UPR coil overs and they rub on 245 tire!


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Dec 30, 2001
Detroit, MI
As the title says i just got done installing UPR coil overs, strange struts and MM caster camber plates and when i went to finally put the wheels back on they rub on the inner part of the tire. Should i have known before hand these werent going to work or is it something i did wrong. Please help, i just spent 600 dollars on a suspension that wont even let me put the tires on. thanks
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I had 225-50-16's on the front of my Pony wheels and it was VERY CLOSE to my springs with my UPR front suspension. I could see how 245's would rub.
I would try to space out the wheel with some washers to give you an idea of how big of a wheel spacer you will need to buy to get them to work.

But then they might rub the fender so........ :shrug:

Give it a try with some washers first to see if it will even work with spacers.
Don't worry you probably did something wrong. I've seen this set up so many times and it should fit good. sorry I cant be of more help! :nice:
Unfortunately this is a very common problem. The pure road race guys run very short stiff springs that sit up above the tire. The pure drag race guys run skinnys, so they have no clearance issues. The street guys kind of get stuck in the middle with a clearance problem.

You can use a camber bolt (AKA crash bolt) to tilt the strut away from the spindle for more clearance, and then use caster camber plates up top to get the alignment right.
Champ10187 said:
can you further explain the camber bolt.
The cam bolt has an offset lobe, like a camshaft. You replace the one of the strut/spindle bolts with the cam bolt and rotate the bolt so the spindle tilts out away from the strut, giving you more tire clearance. Then you use caster camber plates to tilt the whole strut back in towards the engine more so the camber is right. It only works on some cars, depending on the alignment you want, because there isn’t always room to tilt the strut in far enough before the coilover hits the strut tower.

This whole issue is one of the reasons I don’t recommend coilovers for many of my street customers.
I put a set of coilovers on my 93 and ran into the same thing, was using a 17x8 wheel with a 245 up front and the tire was rubbing the spring, i switched to prostars, we just installed coilovers on an 86 with a 6" wheel and 225/15s and clearance wasnt an issue but not sure if you can make them work on an 8" wheel, good luck with it