Poll: Next mod

Next mod?

  • 4.10's

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • Suspension (springs, S/S's, C/C plates, LCA's)

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Rims/tires

    Votes: 4 26.7%

  • Total voters


Apr 11, 2005
Salt Lake City, UT
Current mods in sig. Right now they are all tempting, but I'm really leaning towards the 4.10's, because they will really compliment the cams. Just looking for some opinions. Plus I'm bored as hell. This is the order in which I'm thinking about doing these mods:

1) 4.10's
2) Suspension
3) Rims/Tires

Obviously, the 4.10's will be the cheapest also, which is another reason I'm leaning towards them.
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well if you go 4.10's traction will be an issue and rims and tires will help handling out too... so i'd say get some nice wide wheels and tires. its the best all around mod for just about any car. i'd say rims, then gears, then suspension.
is it' a DD? still i'd say rims/tires. I have the springs/struts, rims/tires, and the gears and yes the gears were the biggest difference, but i got them after my wheels/tires and i still break loose w/ 20"s of rubber in the back. So if's it's a DD i'd recomend 3.90's or if u really want FRPP 3.73's and some rubber out back otherwise gears are almost pointless w/o traction.
Yea, it's a DD. The traction issue is the biggest reason that I'm considering rims right now. The only problem is that if I buy rims, I probably won't be able to afford a good set of tires yet. BUT, I don't plan on mounting the new rims until spring anyway, so that will give me time to save. You guys are making me consider rims more and more. Hmm....
I just got the 4.10's, and they are awesome, I am having alot of fun with them, but at the same time, traction has been an issue (I still have the crappy ugly '00 stock wheels and street radials), and now I am trying to wear my tires out quicker (without being obvious about it), because I was told I can have the new tires (and will get the new wheels when I do), when these wear out... so keep that in mind...
Are you planning on drag suspension or street suspension. If you get a street setup, traction is going to be a bigger issue, especially with gears. I'd suggest getting gears, then drag suspension, forged axles, and some ET street tires. But thats if you want all go and no show. If you're going to lower it with some nice rims, get suspension first. IMO it looks odd if you have some nice rims and it looks like its a 4x4.
Get the 4.10s man....those 3.27s are KILLING your carr. Sure you will have traction problems, but its FUN :) . By the time you get even remotely tired of blowing off 1st and 2nd and part of 3rd...you can afford rims and tires :D

And besides, even with wide tires...your still not going to be able to hook in 1st or second...unless you get nitto DRs. And even then 1st still wont hook and 2nd will hook mid way through. 4.10s!!!!!!!!!!!!!