Progress Thread Project: Buried Under A Mountain Of Snow Black Hole Money Pit.

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Few more recent shots...

And the new toy


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Wow... Figure forums were mostly dead now with the amount of traffic and stupid posts that the Facebook groups have

It's not like it was in the [way back] machine but the bookface forums [never] saw that level of activity. I see folks come here after spinning their wheels inside bookface channels, tired of "Boy Racer" answers that get them nowhere.

A lot of the activity we lost is general chit-chat. The options for that sort of thing are wide and varied these days.
For those curious about the weight with me in it...

Going to try and pull another 50-60lbs out soon


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It's a Roche racing engines 408" highport nitrous motor 12.7:1 compression solid roller cam from Vincent/bullet nitrous proflow single entry plate system
Protorque U9 bolt together converter power glide with a 1.80 first gear
Narrowed 8.8 with 35 spline axles and 4.30 gears
7531 MSD ignition with racepak iq3 datalogger dash
UPR suspension all the way around, viking double adjustable front struts with custom front limiters afco single adjustable rears
Fiberglass hatch with lexan back window
Fiberglass hood
Hybrid composite 9" lower valance bonded to a factory bumper
Pony down 4" forward facing NA headers mated to 4" aluminum exhaust out the front bumper
2x3 thru the floor subframes
Custom 10pt moly cage
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Welp... 10.04@138 on motor to make sure everything was good. Back in the lanes with fresh plugs to make the first nitrous pass and the sky opened up. First time we have had rain in a month. And it rained just long enough to shut it down for the night.
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Few pictures from last night... Was great to run into my buddy @TOOLOW91 also!


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I was hoping to see you make a nitrous hit before I had to fly out to work . Damn weather

Always great to see you guys brother
Man that bottle was sitting right at 1000 psi... Belts were tight and ignition was on waiting for me to hit the starter button. That weather was some bulllllllllllshhhhhhhiiiiiiiittttt
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