Question About The Hdr Thread


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Mar 10, 2014
Do you need a special camera to do that or do you edit it with photoshop?

I have a DSLR camera and it has an option for HDR pics, but they don't look nearly as awesome as the ones in the thread.

ie: this really made my mouth water as my mustang looks just like this one, i must have an HDR pic of my mustang for FB so people will think im cool!!

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Joseph Page

New Member
Oct 14, 2013
Hey, You gotta take like 6 photo's of your car on a tripod, all at different exposures. Like this...
-3 underexposed
-2 underexposed
-1 underexposed
+1 overexposed
+2 overexposed
+3 overexposed
Then, use a HDR software to sandwich all 6 photo's into 1 photo.
Some people only use 3 exposures, and some people fake it with 1 exposure, but 6 is best.
The HDR software will allow you make the photo saturated, and cartoonish like, but less is better.
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