Throttle body size: 70mm or 75mm???

When I purchased my Trick Flow intake the guy threw in a BBK 75mm TB, I just wondering if this is too big and should I try to trade it for a 70mm? Right now my car is pretty much stock except a Flowmaster catback, however I have a cold air intake, Trick flow U/L intake manifold and 3.73 gears that will be put on soon. My future plans include headers and H-pipe w/ hi-flow cats in the next month. Later on I plan to add an e303 cam and TF TW aluminum heads and eventually add a vortech if I don't run out of money first! hehe! I see alot of guys making 400-500hp using a 70mm TB, and I'm sure that the 75mm will work but I also wanna make sure I have good throttle response. Any help is welcome!
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Well, you should match the throttle body to the opening of your new intake. For the mods you have right now, the 70mm will do just fine. If you plan to add all of the things mentioned especially the blower, than used the 75mm. I would just use it if he threw it in, no sense spending another 189 dollars or more on a new one to use just for the time being.