Whats wrong with 4-Lugs??


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Nov 10, 2005
Besides a better variety of rims?? I was thinking about getting this conversion done but I have no problem with the 4-lug rims I have on there. As far as structure goes....is it better to have 5-lug?? I would rather spend my money elsewhere on the car.....conversion+new rims=more money for s/c or nitrous. What are your opinions? Plus 4 lug rims are really cheap.
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It depends, personally I DONT like the way the front discs and studs are all one piece. I dont like rear drums, and your wheel choice is definately limited. There are lots of nice 4 lug wheels out there, and the stock brakes are not horrible, they were fine for their time. In this day and age though 5 lug stuff is cheap and easy to do. The benefit is better stopping (much better with Cobra Stuff) looks better, and better wheel choices (doing the right 5 lug set up).

For someone in your shoes, its probably not worth it, for a lot of others, it is!
5 lug has alot more structure support. Its got a extra lug. Also if you do a five lug conv. you have the chance to upgrade to 31 spline axles. They will be able to handle all that torque. And also the looks and braking power will be better cause you get get big brakes. I got 13 cobras on front and i love them. THey look sweet through my rim and have very good stopping power.
Yeah, all these broken studs and broken wheel problems with 4 lug wheels..... for some reason though, they don't happen too often. You will break a balljoint, a strut tower, a axel, even a spindle long before you will a stud from driving.

As far as looks go.... generally speaking the foxbody isn't a beauty queen, although it is the best looking car on the road.
You gotta love the look of cobra brakes with 5-lug wheels though:

Can you pick out 4-lug versus 5-lug when someone is driving?

If you already are satisfied with your setup, why bother? There comes a time when you can have too much brake though. Especially if you are just driving it around town or doing some street racing. Spend your money on something else... JMO.

Thats funny this come up. I was thinking about this same thing this AM on the way into work. I dont mind the 4 lug. Yes I think the 5-lug look a bit better and wheel selection is better, but I think i'll save the money.
I have most people tell me they like my 4-lug wheels , but others on here say they dont look like they belong on the car due to the wheel pattern being a 4-lug:shrug: .
I do need to change the rear axle seal on the driver rear and possibly will need a new axle, and thats what got me started thinking about it. One new axle and staying 4-lug is much less expensive than a whole new set up including wheels.



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There is a thin line between the strength of the two....i think the main issue is the availability of brake and wheel options. The #1 thing i wish Ford would have done with the Fox Mustang would've been a full frame instead of a unibody, and i'd have to say 5 lugs would be a close second to that if not at least in the top 5 things i'd rather they had done.
Wow you guys really respond in detail. The main problem i seem to see is the cost. I like spending money and building my car so that's why i did it. My DD is a 03 BMW with stoptech brake upgrades so driving my mustang is like driving my bmw with twice the power and half the braking. That's why i decided to run 5 lug on the stang with 4 wheel disk brakes. i have so much money dumped into that car another %500-$800 on brakes wont kill me. :nice:
4 lugs don't match up correctly with 5 star rims, that's my biggest issue with them.
5 spokes, 4 lugs can never be truely symmetrical, and there is always something wrong with how they look, sometimes it's hard to put a finger on it.

Strength wise, realistically 5 lugs is stronger than 4, but in most situations it would have no effect.