1. E

    Exhaust Help With Exhaust Hangers

    So I'm new to the forums but I have what seems to be a pretty simple question. I own a 2011 v6 and I bought an MRT Axle back. I decided to put it in myself with some friends as it seemed to be pretty simple. But upon removing the stock exhaust, I noticed that the hangers on the stock didn't...
  2. R

    Mustang 2000 V6

    Hey I need some help, I have a red mustang 2000 v6 , I was looking under my car today and there is a lot of rust eating away at the frame. I wanted to store and rebuild the car because it's my first car and I don't want to get rid of it but I don't have the kind of money to fix a rusted frame on...
  3. J

    Problem With My 1967 Mustang With A 390

    I'm 18 and drive a 1967 mustang 390 twice a week. I know you're thinking I'm probably just a spoiled brat that has no idea how to work on classics, but I'm very mechanically inclined. My dad and I have always had muscle cars, and I was always there helping him work on them, and learning how to...
  4. S

    Steering Gremlins After Replacing Entire Front End-?????

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 04 gt vert with 140k miles. Everything engine and transmission wise is running fine. Vehicle has never been in a collision and all parts are OE. I just replaced the front lower control arms with new balljoints from Ford, shocks and struts OE, springs, Tie...
  5. 0

    Nitrous Jets

    Not sure where this should be posted under but I'm not sure what fuel jet to use for the 100 shot I'm going to be running on my 04 mach 1. I have the nitrous outlet kit and know the nitrous jet is 52 but I'm not sure which fuel jet to use. I have seen some use the 23 fuel jet and others use 28...
  6. 9

    Engine No Power, Shaking, Timing

    I've been needing help with my 5.0, it starts and runs but there's a huge power loss. The motor shakes tremendously when the gas is applied and it goes over 2.5k rpms it goes back to normal, my harmonic balancer has a lot of play also, cars is mostly stock has a msd distributor which was put on...
  7. Caydink1998

    2000 Mustang V6 Shaking

    i don't know much about cars this why I come here for help, well just this morning I woke up had to drive somewhere and I turned my car on and it was shaking not violently but very noticeable and I've read on here with people who had similar problems and I'm hearing tons of stuff, engine...
  8. 5.0foxbody91

    Engine Vibration Above 3000rpm

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, I've always loved mustangs, and I finally got one. It's a 91 lx hatch. I've had some trouble with it, but I have most of the problems fixed except for this vibration one. The shifter will vibrate like hell above 3000 rpms, whether I'm sitting still or going down...
  9. B

    97 Mustang Gt Wont Start

    Hey guys need some help just bought a 1997 Mustang GT nothing perfect. need some help previos owner bypassed the ignition system has a push button start in it that does not work and no turn key either .their wiring hack job i can hit a random wire from the starter and starts any ideas on why...
  10. newedgejay

    Electrical Mach Sound System.. Can You Buy It?

    I have a stock 2000 V6 5spd that I acquired less than a week ago. And when I say stock, I mean the only things done to the car that are truly aftermarket are rims, window tint, and a Sony radio. No leather seats.. no lumbar support.. no fog lights.. no Mach 460 sound system like what is in my 99...
  11. A

    Help! Creaking Sound Coming From Engine

    Hello all, I have very big problem with a creaking noise coming from the engine of my 2011 5.0. The car currently has a Racer C&L cai and a boss 302 intake manifold with a bama 93 tune. The sound is constantly present although it does slightly go away when the car is warm. There is a noticeable...
  12. C

    Engine Control Module Ecm (limp Mode) Mystery Help

    Ok guys, my back is up against the wall and I’m hoping this has happened to someone else that was able to itdentify the problem and get it fixed. I was driving home two months ago going about 70 mph on a relatively flat road when all of a sudden my 2007 Mustang GT seemed to shut down, but the...
  13. S

    Help I Need To Rewrite My Serpentine Belt Pass A Smog Pump Power Steering Pump And Ac Pump Help

    I have a 95 Mustang GT with the 5.0 I need to know what size serpentine belt I need to use I'm going to take out the power steering pump AC pump and a smog pump
  14. M

    Front Fenders- Seeking Information

    I have found the front fendes to a Mustang in the shed of the house I just purchased. I only knew they were to a Mustang bc of the emblems. They have splash guards attached. I googled the numbers on the splash guards and found they areare 2001-2003. However, when I posted the Fenders on...
  15. 5.0Daniel


    So I have a 94 mustang gt 5.0 and I had a carbon fiber glass aftermarket bumper that the rain broke yesterday and I'm trying to find a new bumper also aftermarket that's stronger then fiber glass any suggestions???
  16. 02shtangGT

    Engine Strange Humming/growling Noise Behind Dash?? 02 Mustang Gt

    Okay well randomly there will be a growling noise coming from behind the dash. I have experimented a lil and found that it might have to do with the IAC. Most of the time when the AC is on and i quickly shut it off it can be heard for a second or two. It has been a problem that has been...
  17. omnitech

    Erratic Idle And Sputtering Upon Acceleration

    Hello all I am having some trouble with my 1990 Gt with a mild 5.0 and 5speed. About a week ago my car started acting up. Idle surges, high idle up to 1900, sputtering upon take off and acceleration. And it's running very rich. I cleaned the MAF and it still does the same thing. But it's mostly...