93 cobra mass cal ?????

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Its my understanding that the 93 cobra MAF is the same calibration wise as any other 5.0 with 19# injectors. Its the ECM that is programmed to compensate for the 24's. I used a 93 cobra MAF with 19's before and it worked so as far as I know its acurate information.
It should be used with 24#ers. Like stated above, that's what they came with.
The computer was different, and was set using 24# injectors, but you still need your MAS calibrated to your injectors.
ninety1gt said:
just cause i heard that this mass is for 19's with out the cobra computer, i want to swap the 19's back, cause im having some idle issues and missing problems
My $ says thats probably the issue. I read where it said the Cobra MAF would run lean up top but I used one with 19's and it ran great. If it was lean I never noticed it but I didnt have a wideband or anything either to verify that. Just my experience.
cobra maf and 24's are a mis match...the cobra maf is set for 19lb injectors..the 93 cobra computer is what adjusted for the cobras 24lb injectors..not the maf..so to run a cobra maf..you need to run a cobra computer....or 19lb injectors

just found this out as the 89GT i bought last fall has a bad surging idle...usually ends up stalling...it has a cobra maf..and a stock A9L computer...and 24lb injectors...
Dang there is a lot of confusion on this. Here is the best answer to this question I have seen yet. This is from the above link posted by srothfuss.

Michael Yount said:
The adjustment for 24# injectors in the Cobras was made in the ecu, not in the maf calibration. However, the transfer function in the Cobra meters IS NOT the same as the transfer function in the stock HO meters. Click on the link below and you'll see the difference. Use a Cobra meter with an HO ecu and you'll be lean in the higher flow ranges. If you simply want to plug one in and go, you'd be better off using the SN95 70mm maf. It's the same size as the Cobra, but the transfer function is a closer match to the HO function.


The 93 cobra and the 5.0 HO had different size MAF tubes, so the calibration of the MAF transfer will be off if you interchange these parts. Maybe it will work, but why would you do that to your poor computer?
I have the "correct" MAF/MAS/Inj/ECU combination on my car (per C&L), and recently started datalogging with a TwEECer. I now know that my adaptive strategies are maxed out under some conditions, meaning there is no way I will ever get to the proper fuel mixtures.
When you use a MAF that is calibrated to an injector size (like the Pro-M or C&L) you are lying to the computer about what hardware is there, hoping to get the result you want. Needless to say this is less than ideal, and usually leads to either a drop in peak power, or drivability issues.
Why would you knowingly use a meter that is not intended for your combo, and make this situation even worse?

Those are my thoughts
DemonGT said:
your fooling the computer by using a C&L meter..the pro-m or pro flow's as they are called now..are calibrated for whatever injector size you have electronically

Unless you change the setting in the EEC for Injector Size and MAF Transfer...


They just use different methods of coming to the same conclusion.
93 Cobras came with 24lbs injectors, so a 93 Cobra's MAF should be for 24lbs injectors.



Ford MAF's are not calibrated for anything. They just have specific flow tables incorporated into each unit.

The computer sees this table, and in it's tune translates it into the correct fuel curve using whatever injectors it's programmed to. Inside the computer the cobra uses fuel curves based off 24# injectors, while the normal 5.0 uses them for 19's

OEM MAF's are not calibrated like aftermarket MAF's are. In the aftermarket, most tend to just change the orifice tube size to trick the computer into thinking it's seeing less airflow than it is and squirting less fuel in. This really isn't the right way to do it. The correct way to tune for injectors...is with a custom tune on a chip.

These days, you should tune for everything. Get 24# injectors?? Get a tune. Delete the EGR?? get a tune. Change your CAI setup?? Get a tune. Take a big poop? Get a tune