Clutch Cable Question


New Member
Mar 14, 2004
My setup,
1976 Converted automatic using T-5 bellhousing
and '78 pedal assembly.

Thought I could somehow use a late model cable with
my bell and attach to the pin on the pedal. I am having
problems with this, cable way too long, havn't found good
way to attach.

Can I still get a clutch cable for a '76 and will the bellhousing end
fit?, Also don't have original firewall adjuster since I came from auto.

Does anyone have suggestions on setting this up.
Do other make/model cables fit, have that loop on end
for pedal attachment?

It appears as though nobody uses the T-5 bell in this conversion,
but it does fit,without headers, but moves the stick even farther up
inside. Still plenty of room to shift.

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I have a 93 Cobra bell on my T-5 conversion. I'm using the original MII clutch cable with the firewall adjuster. You should be able to get the clutch cable and adjuster at a local parts house like NAPA or Advance Auto. You will need the correct II cable with adjuster to make your setup work properly.
I never heard of any other cable setup that would work with the V8 II.