Put a 2.3 into a 5.0 chassis?

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^ oh, you guys will hear my rejoicing when I get this sorted out, lol

Took a break from wiring the other day and dropped in the radiator, contour fan, and lmr mounting kit. The kit was pretty nice!
Hacked some hoses together, to complete the cooling system, just needs coolant.
I think the chrome piece came from a hose kit I had for the v8 setup, but it fit in nicely on this 2.3…
Going to use a relay to trigger the fans on/off, using one of those radiator fin probes.


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I think I see how you mounted the fan. I hope you don't mind if I ask a 2.3 question here, seeing as you are on the topic. I need to replace the fuel injectors on/in my 2.3. What do you think of the Bosch rebuilt set? Weren't Bosch OEM?
Do me a favor and send me a link to the Ebay resistor auction/s. I'm about 4 0r 5 weeks from needing some Thanks!
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