Steeda Clutch Quadrent Pics And Info


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Nov 4, 2013
Hey everyone, I'm a long time lurker. Well I got the Steeda Clutch Quadrent with the Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable and UPR Fire wall adjuster. I'm just leaving my feedback on the product and the install. First off i think the quality is great on every component. My stock quadrent broke on me, shifting from 4th to 5th on the freeway :p Thats where the clutch cable connects

Also you can see my teeth were starting to strip out on the quadrent

next are just side by sides with the steeda quadrent and stock, ive read many things about the arches being different, and about the forks in the wrong spot, and yes the steeda quadrent is a little bigger than the stock one, but one of the forks perfectly line up with the stock fork so i believe you can use your stock cable. I used the steeda cable and you'll see why in a moment. For now pics of both quadrents.

Steeda Quadrent is nice and thick

Now for my stock cable, ever since i had gotten the car my clutch has been extremely hard to push, ive had unpredictable grabbing points, sometimes my clutch pedal would enagage so low i couldnt disengage my clutch at all. and after unbolting my cable from the fire wall this is what i saw.

Next i keep hearing that the Steeda Cable is thinner than the stock until, well my steeda cable was the same thickness as the stock

Next thing is that if you are using the steeda cable with any fire wall adjuster then you have to take off the rubber bushing and grind off the tabs so it'll fit

There was really only one problem i ran into when installing the steeda cable, and that was were you adjust it from the trans, the threaded portion of the cable is too thick to move up and out, so you have to unscrew the bolts all the way and put in the threaded part first. But then you cant tighten it in place once youve found the proper adjustment. So what i did was screw the lock nut in first fed the cable threw and then put set nut in after, then just tighten the lock nut once youve adjusted the cable. Hard to explain but make it look like this if you ran into the problem i did, its the only way to do it and you'll figure that out fast. Also when down there make sure the cable can freely move,, now is the time to check if its bound up or sticking, i could not freely move my stock one, is was sticking very bad.

I love postings with lots of pics in good quality so im doing the same thing, I hope this helps anyone that has been wondering about the steeda quad, cable, and UPR fire wall adjuster. I watched the BBK install video and it is very strait forward from there thats why im not posting on how to install it, plenty of info already on that. Also i bought this package from Ebay and to me it was worth it, Just gotta see how that steeda cable will hold up, if it breaks ill be back posting about it. Before i had a stiff clutch pedal. To me, now it is like i have a hydraulic clutch pedal feel, its so smooth and it always grabs in the same spot, its a whole new car now, and I am very satisfied with it now.
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good post. Steeda makes excellent products.

the only thing i will say is please at some point ditch the steeda cable and go buy an oem from ford clutch cable. the steeda cable has good strength but will eventually start randomly adjusting itself at the clutch fork which will give you nothing but headaches. this actually goes with all adjustable cables. ive had this issue with not just steeda but ford racing as well.

do a search on not just this forum but all others and you will see all the threads about people thinking their clutches have went bad or thinking they have lost gears and its turned out just being the adjustable cable.
Nice write up man, I got the Steeda one and love it. I went with a Maximum Motorsports OEM clutch cable though, so far its holding up well. Only problem I have now is my cruise control is disconnected. Im too lazy to look for the right port to connect it into.
I keep reading posts were the steeda clutch cable is thinner and will break. Also that it keeps coming out of adjustments. So I'm testing it, Hopefully they updated their stuff and listened to what people have said on these forums. I used everything that came in the package deal, down to the washers and screws, so if something goes wrong you guys will here about it :) so far I've driven the car 15 miles to work and I absolutely love the feel of the clutch. But I'm in this for the long run so once and for all everyone will know if the cable is worth installing or not.
I'm holding judgement on the steeda cable. It looks pretty stout so far. It was supposed to be my back up until I saw that my oem one was falling apart. The fire wall adjuster was the best I've seen and read online that's why I bought that particular package deal. I like that I could bolt it down to my fire wall and lock the adjuster in place with a set screw.
Update on my steeda cable, so far so good. But I don't travel that far, I may have gone 2k since installing everything. I haven't had to readjust since the first install. Also today i put the same kit in my brothers 95 gt and it went fairly well. For reason after we put his new clutch in the tob was always riding on the fingers, like there wasn't enough slack in the cable to let the fork release all the way. But the adjustable cable stopped that problem, also his cable was resting on his BBK lt headers and melted it so his clutch pedal was extremely hard. He'll put way more miles on then me so we'll see how the steeda cable holds up in his car. In the mean time here are some pics of the UPR firewall adjuster.




Some installed views

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My Steeda cable broke inside of 2 weeks. In fact it was still on a junk shelf at Thunder Racings warehouse when they went out of business. Went there for a tune at a business behind their shop and saw it when I went to use the facilities.
I think 3 years is good enough for an update. The car is down as of 2 months ago. But I've never adjusted the cable or the firewall adjuster since I first installed it. The cable never snapped. Also have this installed on my brothers sn95 5.0 and my dad's sn95 new edge all going strong no problems. So great bang for buck. Glad I did it. Now just gotta get the car running again
5th year update!! Car is no longer down! Still has the same steeda cable, clutch quadrant and upr fire wall adjuster. Now I have a king cobra stage 2 clutch, pressure plate and flywheel, my god it feels like butter and is fricken amazing. Puts to shame the stock ford one I put in 6 years ago. I only had to adjust the cable and fire wall adjuster when I put in the 5.4 sohc engine. Still going strong and I’ll let everyone know if it ever breaks.